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Fish collagen peptide

Our fish collagen peptide, uses non-polluted and high-quality fish from Hainan Island as raw material through modern enzymatic biotechnology. The product features in white and non-odor, soluble in water, low molecular weight, easy absorbed by human body. Our fish collagen is exported to Japan, European Union and United States in batches.

                              Fish collagen peptide powder                                                         Fish collagen peptide granule

Our high purity fish collagen peptide is white powder or granule, no objectional odor, Completely soluble in water, easy to use, absorbable, high biological potency, SGS detection, Product protein content up to 98%, Hydroxyproline content reached up to 10%, Less ash, low heavy metal content, No pesticide residue, Physical and chemical indicators are far better than the domestic industry standards.

Product Advantage:

1.The raw material of the fish collagen peptide comes from hainan island pollution-free tilapia.
2.Fish collagen peptideis processed by modern enzyme biotechnology.
3.The molecular weight is about 800 daltons, completely soluble in water, easy absorbed by human body.
Good biocompatibility between fish collagen and human collagen leads to a very high bioavailability. Fish collagen protein peptide is widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine and health care products.
Fish collagen peptideis Function:
1.Anti - oxidation, anti - wrinkle, slow skin aging.
2.Hydrating, moisturizing and enhancing skin elasticity.
3.Increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis.
4.Relieve fatigue and enhance immunity.

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