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Carbomer 940/980/1342/U20

Name:Carbomer/Carbopol 940
CAS NO.: 9003-01-4
Appearance: White loose powder
Viscosity: 4000060000 mpa.s
Ignited residue: ≤2.0%
Heavy Metal: ≤20ppm
Carboxylic Acid Content: 56%-58%  
Packing: Net weight: 20kg per carton
We can provide 10-15 tons carbomer 940 products per month for customers at present.


Carbomer is a very important rheological regulator. The carbomer system is an excellent gel matrix in a neutral environment, with crystal appearance and smooth feel.After neutralization, Carbomer is an excellent gel matrix, with important functions such as thickening and suspension, etc. Carbomer has a simple process and good stability, which is widely used in emulsion, cream and gel.It can be used to make hand sanitizer, excellent results.

Our company produces and sells Carbomer product, We main product is Carbomer 940, our Carbomer 940 has the high transparency, easy to dissolve and so on characteristic, the product is widely used in the daily chemical industry, the medicine and so on industry. Carbomer 940 is mainly used for hand gel,topical cream, topical ointment, and also can make a thick gel for the eye.
And we also have Carbomer 940 without benzene, Carbomer 980, Carbomer 934, Carbomer 941, Carbomer 1342, Carbomer U20, Carbomer U21.


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