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Non Dairy Creamer

Non dairy creamer produced using high-quality raw materials, application in powdered milk, coffee, cereals, condiments and related products, It is a good additive for food industry. Non dairy creamercan effectively improve the nutritional value of products, rich taste of the product.

Non dairy creamer has good solubility in water, emulsifying agent in water to form a homogeneous liquid milk, improve the internal organization of food, flavor by fat, so delicate taste, lubrication thick, creamy and rich, it is also a coffee products good companion, available for instant cereals, cakes, cookies, etc., so that the cake delicate tissue, maintain lubrication, improve flexibility. Cookies can be used to improve the shortening and difficult totake the oil.


Non Dairy Creamer for Coffee
It improves the color of coffee and increases it whiteness, covers the original bitter taste of coffee; improves the taste of coffee and smoothness to make it more delicate, smooth, pure, thick and fragrant.

Non Dairy Creamer for Tea
It provides pure natural fragrant milk flavor; inhibits the bitter taste of tea soup and covers up bad smell; improves the color of the tea soup to make it has the bright color of silk.

Non Dairy Creamer for Ice Cream
It increases the expansion rate of ice cream and hard ice cream, improving the texture state of frozen foods to ensure that the products have uniform and fine texture and smooth surface.

Non Dairy Creamer for Bakery Food
Improving the texture structure of baked products, make the taste be fine and smooth, mellow, enhance the flavor; improving dough physical properties, can prevent baked products from aging and extend the shelf life.

on Dairy Creamer for Candy
With good solubility, formability, make the candy milk flavor strong, taste silky.

Non Dairy Creamer for Seasoning
This type of NDC can adjust the color of soup, increase whiteness and smoothness, make the taste delicate and mellow; this product provides better cost performance.

Non Dairy Creamer for Hot Chocolate
Can improve the color and luster of hot chocolate and increase the whiteness, inhibit the original bitter taste of coco; make it smooth, pure, thick and fragrant.

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