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Multi-function Compound Wax

Published on:2022-12-19   Views:515

High end compound wax is compounded from a variety of waxes according to a scientific formula. It is compounded specially according to the application requirements of different industries and different uses, it belongs to multifunctional wax.


1.PVC pipes, profiles, plates, injection molding and sheets;

2.Color masterbatch, modified masterbatch, filled masterbatch and functional masterbatch;

3.Rubber products


1.Multi-functional composite lubricant is used in the early, middle and late stage, with the balance of internal and external lubrication, reducing labor intensity and improving the overall effect and cost performance;

2.multi-functional composite dispersant, excellent dispersion effect both coupling, compatibility, antistatic, lubrication and other functions;

3.Compound stripping protective wax can improve molding speed, brightness and smoothness, and form a harmonic protective layer.

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